Control 4

Control4- Home Automation

Marbella Homes is proud to be in connection with Control4 Home Automation.

Marbella Homes is proud to be in connection with Control4 Home Automation.

Home Automation brings a touch of magic and class to your home.  With one touch you can control the lights, television, sound system, alarms, heating units, dimmers and so much more. With an easy to use system Control4 automation is suitable for all the family. Control4 has a range of products, which Marbella Homes can personalize and install for you.

These include:

  • Platform Products
  • Network Products
  • Interface
  • Mobile App

Here is a well-known saying -the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. Your tastes evolve; new business schedule changes the whole daily routine. Your smart home should keep up and adapt right along with you.

One of the most wanted features from people interested in Control4 system is a hands-on personalization, a simple way for you to personalize your home.

You want to easily change the brightness of a light or schedule a series of lights, even change the door chime to play your favorite jingle. You will have the privilege to do all that by yourself, but with the stability of a professionally installed smart home system. When Marbella Homes get your system updated, you can experience all of the fun of this phenomenal new capability.

Home control is much more than a universal is a technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface.


Imagine having one remote that will do all this:

  • manage your lights, window coverings and thermostats to reduce your energy bills
  • control your home theater and dim the lights as the opening credits roll
  • turn off all the TVs in the house when the kids are supposed to be doing their homework
  • alert you that you left the garage door open, which you can close from the computer in your office
  • monitor your door locks, lights and security cameras

Once you feel how Control4 home automation can add a layer of security, comfort, and convenience to your life, you will remain its committed user. From any size home to any number of controlling systems, no job is too big or too small and we have the products for you. For further information on types of products please visit