Home Cinema Installation

Home Cinema

Home cinemas are extremely popular and the most sophisticated way to experience high quality audio visual entertainment from the comfort of your home.  Marbella Homes can advise you, guide you and install your bespoke home cinema creating a family ‘user friendly’ system to perfectly finish off your home.

If you’re looking for an immersive home theater experience, you’ll want to consider a 50″ class TV or larger. Very often, we hear customers choose bigger, rather than a smaller TV, so we advise our customers to think carefully about what size will provide the impact they are looking for.


With the sleek design of modern TVs, larger screens will take up much less space than you might think. It is because modern design of home cinema televisions is covering its visual as well as its practical aspect.

For larger-than-life cinematic, sporting and gaming experiences, a projector will allow you to project images many times the size of the largest flat-screen TV, without sacrificing image quality.


We can help you choose a projector with the right amount of lumens (a way of measuring light output). The brighter the room, the more lumens you’ll need. Just for comparison –about 1,000 lumens should give you a bright image in a darker room, but you’ll probably need at least double that number if you’ll be projecting in a well-lit room.


There are hundreds of tips we are willing to share with you and implement for your greater comfort- like high-quality screen, a perfect place for optimal placement of your projector and so much more.